What is the C Card Scheme?

The C Card Scheme is a free condom and Sexual Health service for young people aged 13-25.

It allows young people to gain access to condoms, lubricants and advice on STI’s and relationships

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How does it work?

Wherever there is a C Card sign young people can sign up for free condoms and lubes by undertaking a registration process that ensures it is appropriate to offer them this service.

The scheme is available from a range of places in Nottinghamshire including;

  • Health Centres
  • GP Practices
  • Pharmacies
  • Young Peoples Centre
  • Colleges and Schools
  • Residential Settings

The C Card Scheme gives young people a chance to ask all those questions they may have about sex, STI’s and relationships.

The advice is free, confidential and is aimed at helping young people make the right choices about their sexual health.

How you can be involved

If you think the C Card Scheme is right for your organisation, and the young people you work with, then you can be involved…

This can be done in 3 simple steps, and is entirely free..

1. Attend a one day training course where you will learn all about the scheme and how to register young people: C Card Registration Training

2. Sign a ‘Working Agreement’ between you and the C Card Scheme agreeing to the guidelines of service

3. Start offering the C Card to your young people

There is no cost to join the scheme, and the materials are all free! All we ask for is your time to attend the training.

You don’t have to become a registration point to offer the C Card Scheme. You can become just a Pick Up Point.

Contact Details

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C Card Information for Parents and Carers

For information on the C Card scheme for parents and carers, click here.