Postal Pick-Up Service

Already Registered for a C Card? Use our Postal Pick up Service…

Our Pick-up postal service

We offer a Pick Up Postal Service for young people.

If you have already registered for a C Card and want to pick up Condoms, dental dams and Lube for FREE you can use our confidential pick up post service.

Note: We will aim to post out your order within 10 working days, so please be prepared!

We are only able to post to addresses that are within Nottinghamshire county.

If you’d like to use this new service but are not yet registered for a C Card, please sign-up for C Card here…

A few things to know first:

  • The FREE postal service is available to anyone who has a valid C Card from Nottinghamshire only.
  • In order for us to send you condoms you must be prepared to provide a postal address and full name (as you would wish it to appear on the envelope)
  • By providing this you give us permission to use this information to send you condoms.
  • Condoms will be sent in a plain envelope to keep this as confidential as possible.
  • You will receive 12 condoms and 6 sachets of lubricant.
  • You can only make on postal order per month, but please see the ‘search tab’ for more local pick up points near you.
  • You must have a valid C Card (we will check!) and provide your unique C Card number. This is displayed on the back of your C Card. Unfortunately if we don’t have a record, we can’t send you condoms.
  • The information you provide will be treated with full confidentiality and used for the purpose of your order only. The only time we would tell another professional is if we were seriously concerned about your safety or welfare.

Postal Pick-up Registration

If you are already registered for a C Card, you can use this form to request to receive condoms by post.

By using the postal pick up service you will receive a pack of 12 condoms of mixed variety. If you have any specific request please use the comments box on the form.