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Pregnancy Testing

You can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex i.e. no contraception, condom fails or you forget to take the pill. It is possible to get pregnant the first time you have sex.

A pregnancy test is the best way to know for sure, it’s quick and simple, don’t be put off.

You can get free pregnancy tests from many services, including community pharmacies and your GP.

The test must be done at the right time, either two weeks after unprotected sex or the first day after the missed menstrual period. Test too early and it might not be an accurate result.

8 signs that you might be pregnant

1. Your period is late/has stopped
2. Feeling sick or nauseous (at any time of the day)
3. Feeling very tired
4. Going off certain things, e.g. coffee and fatty foods
5. Strange taste in your mouth
6. Needing to ‘wee’ more often
7. Breast tenderness, tingling and enlargement
8. Increased vaginal discharge


Everyone including under 16’s have a right to private and confidential advice about their health.

Appointments with health workers including doctors, nurses and C Card Workers will be private and what you discuss with them is kept confidential, unless you allow them to tell someone else. This includes receptionists who can’t say that they saw you to other people without your permission.

However, if you were to tell a service something that made them feel concerned about you or someone else, then they must consider passing on confidential information about you to another service or professional in order to protect you and keep you safe. They’ll always try and discuss this with you first.

Always try to talk to a parent/carer for support first. Don’t forget you can take a friend or a relative with you.


Consent MUST be given for sex to take place at any age. If you are not sure your partner wants sex, DON’T do it!

If the person you want to have sex with is drunk or has used drugs, they may be unable to give full consent – in the eyes of the law this means they did NOT consent to sex and it is rape if penetration takes place.

Young People and the Law:
Age of consent is the age that you are legally allowed to have sex.
In England, we have to be 16 or older to have sex. Whether you are 16 or 60, in order for sex to be legal it MUST be consenting, meaning, everyone who is having sex WANTS to have sex and says they do.

NO means NO!! Don’t think they secretly want sex – if they said “NO”, they meant “NO”!
Not sure? DON’T do it!

Watch this video and what we mean by consent might become a little clearer;

Rape & Sexual Assault

Nottinghamshire police are committed to supporting those who have been subjected to rape or serious sexual assault and to prosecute those who commit these crimes.

A number of officers have received specialist training in dealing with these crimes and are aware of the sensitive issues that are often involved in supporting victims.

If you have been the victim of such a crime the police can assist in you receiving ongoing independent support through the Topaz Centre, a dedicated facility to support victims of rape and serious sexual assault. Victims will be taken to the Topaz Centre (or hospital if a child) where they will be offered a forensic medical examination, if appropriate, and the opportunity to provide a statement or special video interview whilst being supported by an independent support worker. This support can continue throughout the investigation and prosecution process.

However if you are still uncertain about telling the police you can make contact directly with the Topaz Centre and seek advice.

Contact the Topaz Centre

The Topaz Centre is committed to providing a sensitive and dedicated service that meets the needs of victims of rape and serious sexual assault throughout Nottinghamshire through a partnership between the health service, police and volunteer sector. You can speak to the Topaz Centre staff and be offered the relevant information to be able to make an informed choice and receive support, whatever your decision.